Investment partnership formed to invest mainly in the Russian target companies and to develop economic cooperation between Russia and Japan.

About Us

The Russia-Japan Investment Fund (RJIF) is an investment fund that aims to generate competitive returns by investing in projects and corporations that advance bilateral economic cooperation between Russia and Japan.

RJIF was established in August 2017 by two government-backed investment vehicles – the Russian partner and JBIC IG Partners, which is a subsidiary of the Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC).

RJIF will, together with the Russian partner, invest the total commitment amount of $1 billion obtained from the Russian partner and JBIC.

RJIF will focus on projects that foster economic cooperation between the two nations.

Priority Sectors
Extending healthy life expectancy
Developing comfortable and clean cities easy to reside and live in
Expanding small and medium business
Рromoting industrial diversification and enhancing productivity in the Russian Federation
Developing industries and export bases in the Russian Far East
Cooperating on cutting-edge technologies
Fundamentally expanding people-to-people interaction
RJIF is also considering other investment projects that would benefit the Russian and Japanese economies.

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