Russia-Japan Investment Fund (RJIF) invests in GTM ONE, a proponent of methanol production project in Russia

Press release, 01.11.2021

Russia-Japan Investment Fund (RJIF, established by RDIF, the Japan Bank for International Cooperation and JBIC IG Partners) and The Russian Direct Investment Fund has completed an investment in AEON’s affiliated company GTM ONE, a proponent of methanol production project in Volgograd, Russia.

GTM ONE plans to construct and operate a methanol plant with the capacity of more than one million metric ton per year in Volgograd under cooperation with Japanese companies from various angles. This investment is in line with Eight-Point Cooperation Plan between Japan and Russia and aims to support the smooth progress of project preparation phase including design works.

The Russia-Japan Investment Fund (RJIF) was established to pursue and implement attractive investment projects to promote economic, trade and investment cooperation between Japan and Russia. RJIF is advised by JBIC IG Partners and the Russian Direct Investment Fund. Priority sectors identified for cooperation include healthcare, development of smart cities and sustainable technologies, energy, cutting-edge technologies and developing industries and export in the Russian Far Eastern District, as well as other initiatives that will strengthen the trade and economic relations between the two countries.